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  • Plates and Discs
  • Bell Jar Refurbishment
  • Wafer Carriers
  • Process Tubes
  • Pedestals and Door Plates
  • RTP Quartzware and Wafer Fixtures
  • Expedite service available for down process
  • Fire Polishing
  • Adding Texture (frosty appearance) to quartz for better adhesion of deposited films
  • Custom Quartz fabrication and repair
  • Grinding and Mechanical Polishing
  • Laser Holes and Cutting
  • Core Drilling
  • CNC Machining
  • Class 100 Cleaning
  • Cleaning of ceramics using proprietary process
  • Cleaning of silicon carbide (SiC) materials
  • Custom parts to your specifications (Quartz or Pyrex)
  • Repair of Scientific Laboratory glassware
  • Tubing and plates
  • High temperature annealing
  • Flange Repair (chips, cracks, defects)
  • Resurface and mechanical polish (windows, view ports, discs)
  • Dimensional inspection and measurement to meet specifications
  • Reverse Engineering your part and provide a drawing
  • Rush jobs for down process or if the need is urgent
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